Here are ten significant gambling-related regulations introduced in 2021:

1. Germany’s New Interstate Treaty on Gambling (Glücksspielneuregulierungstaatsvertrag): The new gambling regulation came into effect in July 2021, legalizing online gambling and sports betting, while setting strict player protection measures.

2. Netherlands’ Remote Gambling Act: The Dutch Remote Gambling Act came into effect in April 2021, allowing online gambling operators to obtain licenses and offer services in the country’s regulated market.

3. United Kingdom’s Gambling Act Review: The UK government initiated a review of the Gambling Act 2005 to modernize and update the country’s gambling regulations, aiming to address concerns related to online gambling, advertising, and player protection.

4. Spain’s Royal Decree on Advertising for Online Gambling: Spain introduced a new royal decree in November 2021 to regulate gambling advertising, imposing stricter rules on marketing practices to protect vulnerable individuals.

5. Australia’s National Consumer Protection Framework: Australia’s national framework for online wagering came into effect in February 2021, introducing measures such as self-exclusion schemes, restrictions on credit betting, and a ban on inducements to gamble.

6. Sweden’s Temporary COVID-19 Restrictions: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sweden implemented temporary restrictions in July 2021, limiting online casino deposits and bonuses to curb excessive gambling during the crisis.

7. Italy’s Legislative Decree on Gambling Advertising: Italy approved a new legislative decree in July 2021, restricting gambling advertising and promotion to specific timeframes and banning celebrity endorsements.

8. Brazil’s Gambling Regulation: Brazil made progress towards the legalization of gambling in 2021, with the government approving a regulatory framework that paves the way for land-based and online gambling operations.

9. Canada’s Single-Event Sports Betting Legalization: Canada introduced legislation in June 2021 to legalize single-event sports betting, allowing provinces to regulate and offer single-game wagering instead of limited parlay bets.

10. United States’ Expansion of Online Sports Betting: Several U.S. states expanded their online sports betting markets in 2021, including Connecticut, Maryland, Arizona, Wyoming, and Louisiana, bringing legal sports betting to more individuals within the country.

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