While there is no definitive rank for the top 10 celebrities involved in the casino and gambling industry this year, here are some well-known personalities who have been associated with the industry:

1. Dan Bilzerian – Known for his extravagant lifestyle and high-stakes poker playing.
2. Ben Affleck – A well-known actor and avid poker player, often seen in high-stakes games.
3. Dana White – President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), involved in various gambling ventures.
4. Paris Hilton – Paris Hilton has been involved in promotional events and appearances at casinos.
5. Floyd Mayweather Jr. – An American professional boxer who is known for his love of gambling and high-stakes betting.
6. Ben Simmons – The Australian NBA player has been seen participating in casino events and has been linked to gambling.
7. Tiger Woods – The professional golfer has been involved with certain gambling endorsements and promotions.
8. Allen Iverson – The former NBA star has been associated with gambling controversies throughout his career.
9. Jennifer Tilly – An actress and avid poker player who has had success in major poker tournaments.
10. Ray Romano – The comedian and actor has participated in celebrity poker tournaments and casino events.

Please note that the involvement of these celebrities in the casino and gambling industry may vary, and this list is based on public knowledge and their association with gambling-related activities.

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