The top 10 emerging markets in the gambling industry this year are:

1. Brazil: With a large population and growing economy, Brazil is a highly lucrative emerging gambling market.

2. India: India’s population of over 1.3 billion has a strong interest in gambling, making it a promising market for operators.

3. Japan: The Japanese government legalized casino gambling recently, opening up a vast new market for the industry.

4. Vietnam: As one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is becoming a popular destination for gambling tourism.

5. Philippines: The Philippines has seen significant growth in its gambling industry, with numerous integrated resorts and casinos being built.

6. South Africa: Despite regulatory challenges, South Africa remains an important emerging market due to its vibrant casino industry.

7. Russia: Russia has several gambling zones, and the government has been working on improving regulations to encourage growth in the sector.

8. Mexico: Mexico’s gambling industry has been growing steadily, particularly in the online and sports betting segments.

9. Colombia: Colombia legalized online gambling in 2016, and the sector has been booming ever since, making it a key emerging market.

10. Kenya: Africa, in general, presents significant growth opportunities, and Kenya’s liberalized gambling industry has attracted notable investment.

It is worth noting that the emergence of these markets is subject to various factors, including regulatory environments and social attitudes towards gambling, which may affect the pace of their growth.

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